My old grandfather, before he died, used to tell me about an old storyteller which his father told him about. This storyteller used to tell stories in the market square. 
The Swinging Fist did not exist in those days if you can imagine that. All of the children and a fair few of the adults used to gather around and listen to the storyteller’s amazing tales of far away and long ago. 
He told tales about dragons and ships and serpents. Sometimes he told more everyday stories about life, about husbands and wives, about lovers and about the good fortune of orphans. All of these stories of his were spellbinding and my grandfather said that the storyteller had eyes which seemed to look right through you at times.

At other times he seemed to be looking at a whole world we couldn't see and it was perhaps there that he could see his marvellous stories and tell the children about them.

(Krystyna in Salt Wars)



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