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Space Dog Alfred

Don't call him cute.

He comes from a long line of warriors, He is braver than a lion because lions don't often  face creatures more scary than themselves.

And he knows what you are thinking.

So don't underestimate him. Just enjoy this fantastic adventure in space in the company of Space Dog Alfred

I believe this book will:
1. Support language learning and a love of stories. I was a teacher for 32 years  and also tutored pupils in English. I recognise the value of books which fire the imagination.
2. Reflect the recreational needs and interests of the community. Anyone who wants an exciting and perhaps thought-provoking story should consider Space Dog Alfred.
3. Reflect various cultural, ethnic, linguistic, religious and philosophical backgrounds; the book explores ideas about space and time; war and conflict; personal and social development and it does so in an accessible way.
4. Recognize and accommodate a range of education levels and abilities; I consider that Space Dog Alfred is suitable for a range of abilities and is linked to educational materials available on the Times Education Supplement website.
5. I hope my book will inspire the love of reading and the exploration of ideas, culture and knowledge.

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