Tuesday, March 28, 2006

BBC anti-union stance.

The BBC coverage of today's public sector strike was a disgrace and echoes their worst efforts on behalf of Margaret Thatcher during the miners' strike.

They portrayed the strike as a battle between the public and private sector and continually repeated the refrain that "the public will have to pay for this" and while grudgingly accepting there was massive public support for the strike they insisted "this will not last."

The government is unilaterlaly breaking an agreement with public sector workers and their proposal is daylight robbery.

The head of the CBI who pontificated against the strike looks forward to a golden farewell worth millions while bleating that the country cannot afford to honour the agreement.

And what aout the vaunted superiority of the private sector? Not in terms of pensions obviously.

Everybody knows that if the public sector workers just accept this theft of their pensions the government will only squander the money on war. There was no talk about "and the taxpayer will have to pay for this" when the bombs were falling on Baghdad.


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