Monday, March 27, 2006

Lady Chatterley’s Lover

I read this as a result of watching the TV program The Lady Chatterley Affair. It is not the best book in the world but rereading it after all these years the notorious sex scenes do seem more human than a lot of writing on the subject. You find sexism, racism and homophobia in what Mellors says, but his conversation is very human if some of his ideas are weird.

It could have been called “When Ollie Met Connie” because the first 119 pages feel a bit empty and listless because they show how empty and listless Constance Chatterley’s life is and the story comes alive when she gets together with the gamekeeper. He is referred to as Mellors and “The Gamekeeper” more often than by his first name.

“When John Thomas met Lady Jane” would make a nice title too – these are the pet names for his cock and her cunt :)

Of course it was the idea of one of the lower classes having sex with an aristocrat which was really immoral to the prosecution in the court case. I mean you wouldn’t want your wife and your servant to get ideas!


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