Saturday, April 01, 2006

"Only the Innocent Suffer"

In Canada, a US soldier who fled to avoid serving in Iraq is having his asylum case heard in front of an immigration board. Josh Key, who served in Iraq for eight months, said he decided to desert military service after witnessing several atrocities commited by the US military. In an interview with the BBC, Key said: "The only people that were getting hurt was the innocent; that was innocent Iraqi people, as well as innocent soldiers."

Meanwhile Condy Rice has been visiting the UK

She has an awful human rights record - with the massacre at Fallujah and torture at Abu Ghraib on her conscience.

If she were hanging around the school gates any self-respecting head would want her moved on rather than invited in.

And she masquerades as a Beatles fan? "All you need is love?" "Power to the people?" "Money can't buy me love" Not exactly her cup of tea I wouldn't have

Even Roger McGough has had his (extremely attenuated) conscience pricked by this and pulled out of a concert in her honour.


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