Sunday, May 21, 2006


I swear Finland's drummer was Bill Bailey. Not very heavily disguised either. Their heavy metal blasted away the lacklustre entries from the rest of Europe. Certainly nobody had any difficulty remembering which one was Finland!

Wogan (who might usefully be pensioned off to make way for, for example, Jonathan Ross) made some good jokes about, well to be honest one good joke about, the countries who voted for their neighbours.

Since the "balkanisation" of Eastern Europe the voting has been skewed. It is as if England, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Strathyclyde, The Isle of Man etc each had a vote and voted for each other.

However Wogan then praised good old Ireland for voting for the UK which sounded odd and even more weird he was cynical about Serbian people voting for Bosnia. Short memory Terry - they used to be at war - there is no old pals act between Serbia and Bosnia, just a legacy of bitterness. Perhaps the young people in Serbia want to put nationalism behind them and vote on the merits of the song.

Wogan is in no position to call another presenter a one-trick pony. He needs to get some more jokes.


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