Monday, May 29, 2006

Free ICT courses for teachers

The National Union of Teachers provides free courses for teachers in ICT. If enough people are interested, we will run a multimedia skills courses in Crawley next term. These courses cover the use of interactive whiteboards, use of digital photography and Publisher and are aimed at teachers who have basic ICT skills but want to improve them. If you already know how to use a word processing package, email and file management, come along.

The course will consist of 12 "twilight sessions" (which always sound rather more romantic than they actually are - in fact it just means it is after school and therefore does not incur cover costs) and there will be places for 15 applicants on each course

If you are interested in this course or in basic ICT training, contact me by emailing which is the email I use for learning rep work. You can also ring me on the helpline 01342 410805. I will only need your name and address and whether you seek a basic or intermediate course.

You can indicate your preferred course location by giving either school address or home address. I will forward this information to HQ for inclusion on a database which is used to plan training.


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