Saturday, June 10, 2006

About Linux and Windows XP

As a sort of public service, here is a piece of information which I picked up about Windows XP.

If you bought Windows XP and installed it on your computer, the odds are an irritating message saying "You might be a victim of software counterfeiting" will come up again and again, issuing dire threats and suggesting the solution to your problem - to all your problems - is to give lots of money to Bill Gates because the poor chap is hard up.

The solution obviously is to upgrade to Linux which is free. However if, like me, you might need XP once in a while for work, here is a work-around I came across. It is written by someone only identified as "Piece Meal":

1. Locate wgatray.exe and wgaLogon.dll on your PC. It is defaulted at c:\windows\system32
2. Boot your PC in Safe Mode and with DOS Prompt. Press F8 during boot will get you there.

3. At DOS prompt, change directory to the location of the files. (e.g. cd c:\windows\system32\ )

4. Delete the two files wgatray.exe and wgatray.dll. (rename is fine, but why keep it around?)

5. Reboot your PC and voila. Remember to turn off Automatic Updates feature, and tell it not to remind you of it any more.

Life is supposed to be normal and good.
Piece Meal on May 31, 2006 10:04 AM

Incidentally turning off automatic updates is done by going to Control Panel and selecting Performance and Maintenance, then "See Basic Information about your computer" and click on Automatic Updates.

And of course Linux is free to install, free to upgrade and does not give you nagging messages or enrich people like Bill Gates.


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