Friday, June 09, 2006

Mcdonalds cashes in on World Cup

A lot of my pupils (and indeed two of my sons) like watching and playing football. I think it keeps them healthier than they would otherwise be, although they seem to get a lot of injuries.

However I notice Sainsbury's are making a pretty penny selling memorabilia of "heroes of football". A hero is someone who risks his own life rescuing a child from a burning building. It is not someone who is paid an obscene amount of money to play what is after all a game?

And McDonalds are celebrating the world cup by introducing a new big mac which is 40% bigger than its biggest current burger. They will pack a belt-busting 669 calories. That is a happy meal which will make not my pupils much healthier.

A diet high in fat, salt and sugar will kill you. How many youngsters have McDonalds bumped off?


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