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Everybody should have a blog!

I have always written. I have written for magazines, newspapers and now I have a blog. Most recently I have produced an audiobook called "Brevity" with thirteen short stories. I have not used Amazon for this. I am selling the audiobook myself via eBay. All the feedback has been positive.
   I recommend this to any writer. You may not have a printing press in your shed but producing an audiobook is a simple cottage industry for anyone with a computer and a decent microphone.

I enjoy the impossible paradoxes of time travel. So the five books in the Mirror of Eternity series are set in various locations spread throughout history.
  Closer to home, the Durrington Detective Agency books have been read locally, nationally and internationally. What is very gratifying is that people who buy one of the books often go on to buy other books in the series.

Some of my short stories have been published online by Page and Spine and I have also had stories published in the Canadian magazine Saturday Night Reader and .

My wife, Angela McMillan, is also my editor. We enjoy reading together and she has helped and encouraged me in my work. My Amazon page




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