#worthingflash started at a talk given by three writers about flash fiction at the Chichester Festival on 4th July 2018. The aim was to encourage people in Worthing to write flash fiction. Flash fiction is defined as very short stories, usually between 75 and 1000 words. The 1000 word limit is common in American. In the UK it is often 500.


The doyen of flash fiction writers was Ernest Hemingway who succeeded in writing a story in six words. You might wish to google it. (those are not the six words!)


So far we have attracted writers from Worthing and around the world who want to give their time for free to gain an audience for their work. The range of styles and subject matter is very broad and it has been a pleasure to run it. I intended to run it for a year and give up on the next 4th of July if I turned out to be the only contributor but so many people have given their time and effort that I am encouraged to keep it going for as long as it is needed. At the moment 55,000 people have read stories on the blog and there is always room for one more.


That blog address again, worthingflash.blogspot.com and if you google worthingflash (all one word) that will take you right to it. You can send your masterpiece to worthingflash@gmail.com and the only restriction is that it should be in the range 75 to 1000 words. Let your imagination run riot.

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