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This is the first in the #mirrorofeternity series. It is a collection of short stories.


In the Mirror of Eternity – This is the first #mirrorofeternity story. It is dangerous to meddle in the past and perhaps even to observe it.


Jack London's Suicide Note – a fictitious exploration of the controversy surrounding Jack London's untimely death at the age of 40.


The Library – an encounter between two very different characters in cyberspace. These days libraries have computers and you can meet all sorts of people online.


Der Der, Der Der – the first Virginia Monologue story. Be warned, she might be quite amusing on the page but give her a wide berth in real life!


Guilt App – A story about the life of the rich and the chasm which exists between them and the 'people of the abyss.'


Paradox – Another adventure in cyberspace. The original story even had screenshots from a Commodore 64 but these have been sacrificed as the C64 now seems even more dated than I am.


Here be dragons – a story which explores the possibilities of travel in time and space. The 'dragon' in question may come as a surprise.


After Spartacus – Spartacus could be regarded as the first socialist – he thought the liberation of the oppressed was a job they could not leave to someone else. The Cross did become a symbol of Rome, but not in the way the Romans of the time imagined it would.


The SS Dagger – using the Mirror of Eternity to solve a murder in Nazi Germany produces an unexpected ending.


League of St George – a harmless drinking club celebrating the myth of St George hides something far more sinister.


The Stalker - I read the tabloid headlines most mornings. If the economy is going down the pan, they will have a headline about Big Brother. If the prime minister is at the centre of a scandal, EastEnders will be the big issue of the day. And I wonder exactly what the truth is behind their celebrity stories.


Virginia Monologue – the second Victoria Monologue story sees her talking to a friend who does not seem to be responding.


Doctor, it’s about your car - The best way to get through to someone who is too busy to talk to you is to tell the switchboard “It's about his car.” You will get through – even if they are “on a trip abroad” or “in a vital meeting” :)


Dramatoes - Childish pronunciation is always endearing. This story grew out of the way my son pronounced “dominoes”.


Omar - This story is based on a personal experience when my wife and I were in Tunisia. I can tell you in advance that the ending was somewhat different in our case but that is all I will tell you before you read it.


The Inspector called - A story about a school inspector. You will have guessed by now that I was a teacher once upon a time and they drove me up the wall. Bear with me.


Schadenfreude - The borderland between waking and sleeping is a strange and sometimes frightening place. It is just as well it is 'all in the mind' isn't it?

The Hitch-hiker
- “Don't take lifts from strangers” is all very well. But don't forget the hitch-hiker is a stranger too.


Stations of the Cross - I never “really” believed my father was dead. It was only later, much later, that I realised he wasn't dead. Not as long as he was remembered.


The Tower of the Moon - A romantic tryst with a twist.


When I think about you - This story has been rejected by magazines as “too shocking”. So either read it and prepare to be shocked or give it a miss! My Amazon page


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