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"Brevity is the soul of wit,” is a phrase used by Shakespeare. With conscious irony, he gave it to the most tedious character in Hamlet. His name was Polonius. He was stabbed through the arras which was apparently a risk in those days.

For flash fiction it is a good rule of thumb. Everything which is unnecessary is eliminated. The result is better fiction which is much easier to read.

This is a collection of audio short stories. Some of them are flash fiction which means they are under a thousand words in length.

One is a radio broadcast which I made for South Coast Talking News. It mentions #worthingflash which is a project to encourage flash fiction in Worthing. I hope after listening to a few of these stories, you will want to try your hand at producing your own.

The audiobook "Brevity" is available on eBay.
The link is here



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