Sunday, June 11, 2006

Three dead at Guantanamo. TES debate

A debate rages on this issue on the TES website. It is difficult to understand why apparently intelligent people can use the deaths in London as an excuse for torturing and abusing prisoners at Guantanamo. They certainly have an alibi and have been charged with no crime.

Omar Deghayes, for example, has had no evidence produced against him and he has been tortured by the brave American guards. There is not much excuse that they were "under battlefield conditions". They had helpless prisoners at their mercy in Guantanamo, which is not a battlefield, and they tortured them.

Only a raving lunatic would presume that any and every opponent of injustice in Guantanamo was automatically a supporter of sectarian violence in Iraq. I do know that occupying armies expect to make use of sectarian divisions in the subject population - the whole history of imperialism shows that.

While Sunni and Shia muslims are fighting each other they are not ridding their country of the occupying force and they provide an excuse for the imperial power to stay. "We had to invade them because they are killing each other...of course they weren't before we came but what they hell!"


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